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Bowel Disease UK (Registered Charity No 1117241) was setup in 2006 to raise vital funds for research into conditions such as Crohn’s Disease, Ulcerative Colitis and Bowel Cancer. Each research programme costs approximately £50,000 so every penny we raise is vital to continue our fight against the terrible life changing conditions. You can find more information on the Bowel Disease UK website or follow us on Twitter and Facebook for updates on our work. 


Womb Transplant UK is a registered charity (No. 1138559) that was set up to fund research into womb transplantation. After 19 years, the research team, led by Mr Richard Smith, has received ethical approval to perform the first 10 womb transplants in the UK. The present aim of the charity is to raise £500,000 to fully fund this clinical programme which will allow women, who were either born without a womb or have lost their womb as a result of illness, to have their own children. Apart from helping to raise funds to enable us to continue this research, the charity also works to raise awareness of this currently untreatable form of infertility which causes so much distress to a large number of women and their partners. The progress made by the team can be seen on the Womb Transplant UK website or through it’s Twitter and Facebook social media accounts. So far, the vast majority of the costs of research have been borne by the team members themselves, but in these crucial final stages, more financial help is needed to try and make this dream a reality.



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