How it works

The Basics of Science Crowdfunding

You’ve decided to donate to a science crowdfunding campaign – Thank you!

Donating to a research crowdfunding campaign is quick and easy. Once you've decided on the research you'd like to support, click the ‘Back this project’ button, you will be prompted to enter your donation and currency. You will then need to register an account and enter your debit or credit card details. Your pledged donation will appear on the left side bar of the campaign page in the backers list.

Rest assured that all campaigns are vetted by us and our Scientific Advisory Committe before posting on the FutSci platform. This means we've checked that the project can be carried out with the funding requested and that only quality research is posted on our platform.

Science crowdfunding campaigns need your voice as much as they need your donation

Share! Share! Share! You can support your chosen science campaign by telling everyone; family, friends and colleagues, and sharing the campaign across your social media accounts. Don’t forget to mention the campaign in your personal or company blog, website or newsletter. You can use the links provided on the campaign page or create your own post. We need your support to raise awareness and spread the message.   

Gift aid and tax relief

If a crowdfunding campaign is eligible for gift aid this will be appear below the ‘back this project’ button’. Gift aid allows the project owners to claim 25p of every £1 donated back from HMRC. Only UK tax payers are eligible for this option. You may also be eligible for incomes and capital gains tax relief on your charitable donations to certain crowdfunding campaigns. Please check with the campaign owners.   

Some important things to know about your donation

We use the secure Stripe gateway to ensure your payments are safe and secure.

You are donating directly to each crowdfunding campaign. These are once-off donations, that are collected when the campaign closes not on the day that you have pledged a donation. 

For more information please see our FAQs or email us at

You are an important member of our science crowdfunding community

FutSci aims to connect you with the scientists doing the research. We encourage you to ask questions or leave feedback and comments. You can do this in the comments tab of each campaign page once you've registered or get in touch at We're looking forward to hearing from you!

Could this be the next big scientific breakthrough?

We can find out with your support!


I want to post a project

  • It is free to post a project
  • We're here to ensure that your campaign is run as effectively and as efficiently as possible  
  • If you wish to crowdfund on the platform please do contact us

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