Application Guidelines

It's free to post a project on FutSci

You can use the FutSci platform to fund new projects, supplement existing grants, pay a salary or anything you can think of that is related to your research project. We support all Life Science projects from ‘Blue Sky’ to Clinical research as long as they have a clear scientific question.

Creating a Project

You will need to register on the FutSci Platform and complete your researcher details. Have to hand your Institutional contacts; HR and Finance contacts (email and phone number). This is to verify your affiliation. 

Setting up a Stripe account

Once your account has been approved (within 48 hours) you can now create projects. You will need a Stripe account held by your Institute or University into which you would like the funds paid. Please contact your finance department for this account email address. If they don’t already have one, it’s a very short procedure to make one on the Stripe site.

In the interests of transparency and to prevent against any possible money laundering the FutSci platform follows the crowdfunding rules: Donations are held in the name of the researcher (their institute) rather than by FutSci. No monies are taken from backers accounts unless the project is successful. Only upon successful projects will Stripe try to obtain the money from all backers

Making a successful application

Complete ALL the required fields in the application form and contact us should you have problems.

Make sure the report is concisely written, with a clear scientific question and easily understood by everyone. You have to convince your backers that you will achieve this - be realistic - so saying that you will find the cure for a disease may not be the best way forward!

Ensure your title is succinct, to the point and memorable - aim to catch the backers’ imagination and curiosity, making them want to know more. Make sure that the title is positive and not more that 10 words.


  • the potential impact on you
  • the people you work with
  • the public or the environment
  • why this project is important to do now
  • what happens if it does not get done (both in terms of the people it may one day benefit or you as a person in terms of career-the public need to care what happens for them to back a project)
  • why you are the best person to do this

Setting a time limit

We leave the time limit up to you. You can go from 1 day to 90 days. We do recommend that you use a minimum of 1 month. A longer campaign does not always equal success - research has shown that there is an intensity of financial backing at the beginning and end of campaigns so how you promote your campaign is much more important than how long it runs (

Setting a funding target

You can use the FutSci platform to fund new projects, supplement existing grants, pay a salary or anything you can think of that is related to your research or science project. Think about items such as equipment, consumables, travel reimbursement for patients/volunteers, equipment hire or even travel expenses and registration fees for conferences where you will present your work. Don’t forget to factor in the FutSci and Stripe fees. Transparency is the key to your crowdfunding campaign.

The fees

The platform runs on an “all-or-nothing” model of crowdfunding, however we do offer a flexible funding model dependant on the project structure. If your project does not meet its target, all backers are refunded. If the campaign is successful and the full target is reached FutSci receives 10% (DIY projects) and 15 % (managed projects). Stripe takes 1.9%% + 20p/transaction fees for hosting our platform.

Both Flexible funding (keep-it-all) or All-or-Nothing models are possible. We will discuss this prior to campign launch.

Ways of promoting your campaign

The public need and want to know who and what they are backing - you need to clearly explain your objectives. The public is everyone you know: your friends, family, colleagues, and your social media network. Make use of the LinkedIn and Facebook links we provide to promote your campaign.

We highly recommend the use of videos of you or your team explaining your project. It is nice to put a face to a name and makes it personal. Images from your actual science or your laboratory environment can help people to connect with you and increase their likelihood of backing you.

What obligations do I have to people who have funded me?

Your obligations to your backers is to do the research to the best of your ability and to honestly report the results. You need to be willing to explain your project and results in a simple and easy to understand way. All data belongs to you. Please check your Institute’s IP policies prior to making data public. FutSci is not responsible for these checks.

Rewarding your backers

When you post a project we require that you provide a research progress report 6 months- 1 year after successful funding of your project. Although optional, we would highly recommend that you think of incentives for potential backers such as acknowledgements of the top 3 backers in your upcoming presentations or paper. You could even send them high resolution images of your research.